Benefits for the Cardholder

  • It saves time from being identity vetted and proofed everywhere.
  • It enables a more efficient and secures e-government web access service.
  • It facilitates commerce by providing a basis for trust that can spawn other identities for us by other government agencies or serviceproviders in both public and private sectors.

The card holder will have one single ID card to use both physically as well as digitally (online).

The card holder does not need to have multiple ID Card, passports etc to interact with government agencies or corporate organizations.

More and more services will be offered online making it more available to the card holders.

The card holder will be offered a higher level of security and the risk of fraud is substantially decreased.

The solution provides a trusted foundation so people can prove who they are without giving away so much personal information that is stored in so many places like hospitals, doctors, credit card companies, banks, insurance companies and many others companies.

The EIDA identity scheme gives card holders control of their identity; they decide when they want to present the credential and when they do not.

benefits for Service Providers

  • Securely identifying individuals for accessing online services, i.e. governmental portals, online banking, private organizations web applications etc.
  • Making more services available for the card holders online thus being more efficient.
  • Reducing the need of multiple databases containing parts of information about the individual, thus also reducing risk of errors in typing or collecting information.
  • Enhancing security for the card holders when using online services by signing and encrypting data.
  • Reducing the amount of papers when documents can be handled and stored electronic.

Using the certificates on the emiratetsID card together with the Validation Gateway organisations can take the step to enabling more services online without complex developments.

Validation Gateway removes the complexity from the organisation that wishes to make use of the emiratesID card for online services.

Quicker Turnaround

Accelerate the processing and completion of forms and contracts – in minutes instead of weeks in a trusted environment.

Using the certificates on the emiratesID card transactions can be securely performed online thus removing paper based solutions. The VG enables the organisation to use cryptographic authentication and signing.

Increased Productivity

Streamline and improve document workflow while migrating from paper to digital processes.

Documents and transactions can directly be processed within the system. The digital authentication and signing will improve the speed in which a user can handle documents and transactions.

Trusted Documents

A digital cryptographic signature is equivalent to a physical signature put on a paper. With digital signatures the security and traceability is enhanced. Documents are easily signed directly online by the user and can at any point be verified that the signature was performed in a secure and correct way.

Integrity / Authenticity

Sending information and documents over the internet increases the need of security.

An organization needs to be able to prove that documents have not been altered when in transition.

Using the emiratesID card to digitally sign documents ensures that a document has not been altered and indeed comes from the actual card holder.

Validation Gateway enables the card holder to sign documents and the organizations to verify them.

Enhanced Privacy

Information that is sent over the internet can be intercepted or eavesdropped.

To protect the confidentiality of sensitive information encryption options can be used.

By encrypting using your emiratesID card the card holder can ensure that the information can only be read by the intended recipient and well that no information can be securely transported without possibility to be read by anyone unauthorized.

Reduced Operating Costs

Eliminate recursive paper to digital conversions and save on manpower as well as printing, shipping and handling costs.

EIDA Validation Gateway enables electronic documents of all types to be trusted. EIDA Validation Gateway enables corporations, financial institutions and government agencies to prepare, digitally sign and deliver business-authenticated, trusted documents over the Internet.

Based on the EIDA trusted identity platform, EIDA Validation Gateway provides businesses and consumers with a low-cost solution to accelerate the transition from paper-based processes to electronic ones ensuring that they can be trusted.

In this way, even faxed documents can be signed to ensure that the reader is the intended recipient.

EIDA Validation Gateway documents are supported by a globally interoperable legal and technology framework and thus deliver the highest trust level compared to other alternatives for digital signing.

In addition, it provides bank issued and backed digital signatures, certificates and encryption ensuring non-repudiation through customer contracts bound to accepted and established dispute resolution based on contractual rather than common law.

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