About VG

EIDA Validation Gateway

To simplify the usage of the emiratesID card and its certificates EIDA has set up a Validation Gateway (VG). VG will enable governments, organizations as well as individuals to make use of the emiratesID card in an online scenario.

The VG is a service available online that offers a wide variety of digital functionality related to the emiratesID card. Users and organizations can (after approval from EIDA) without any programming knowledge and without being a cryptographic expert connect to the VG and benefit from its many functionalities to perform online services where the emiratesID cards are used for authentication and signing. The emiratesID as the single ID, both physically and digitally, will enhance and secure services online.

It will not only improve effectiveness as the need of paper copies will be removed and information will be easier and more securely available but it will also enhance security and accuracy as the emiratesID card will be the single, trusted, source for user data.

Government agencies and corporate organizations can now make use of the infrastructure of the emiratesID card and Validation Gateway to offer more services online and thereby improve their own processes as well as providing better services for their citizens and customers.

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