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Emirates Identity Authority provides a structured phased approach for on-boarding the service providers who are poised to use its services.

The scope is to support partners, which have signed a cooperation contract with EmiratesID and is interested to use the Validation Gateway services, with detailed description to connect with our Validation Gateway. This description should help from the first meeting up to the testing phase until the Go-live.

After signing the relevant contracts with Emirates ID documents describing the technical as well as commercial processes will be made available.

The four phases are as follows:

  • Initiation Phase: Both Emirates Identity Authority and the service provider will establish business requirements and establish the engagement with Emirates Identity Authority and perform integration assessments from both sides.
  • Pilot Phase: Emirates Identity Authority will assist its service provider by conducting a Proof of Concept (POC) of the integration with Emirates Identity Authority services and assess the implementation effort to finalize an integration plan.
  • Implementation Phase: Emirates Identity Authority will assist the services provider service provider by Integrating the Emirates Identity Card and Validation Gateway within the infrastructure and test this implementation with Emirates Identity Authority's test environment.
  • Go-Live Phase: Emirates Identity Authority will assist the service provider by conducting a Go-live of the Validation Gateway service with the services providers own service.

For more information please contact Emirates ID.

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