Read ID Card Personal Information

The Emirates ID card contains detailed information about the card holders identity as well as the card itself, such as card number, ID number, name, nationality etc. The information is considered as public data. Through the Validation Gateway service the information from the card can be read.

The information is then presented in an easy graphical view.

This information is valuable when identifying in for example governmental services to quickly gather all relevant data of the card holder. By reading the card holders data in an automated way from an accurate source (the Emirates ID card) the risk of errors are eliminated as well as making the process faster and easier whenever data needs to be collected and filled to a document or an application.

Read ID Card personal information

Start Service

Please make sure that you have your card reader connected and your Emirates ID card inserted before pressing "Start Service".

You might be asked to download Java or accept running plugins. Follow the instructions given by your browser.

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